The Wages of Sin

  • Drama

A high-powered attorney and a homeless man struggle for control of their lives after a fatal car accident.

On her way home from a late running dinner party, Christine dozes off at the wheel of her car and runs off the road, hitting a bus stop shelter. Knowing she's been drinking, and terrified of the repercussions, she flees the scene, not realizing she's killed a homeless man and hospitalized another.

Frank, the surviving homeless man, slowly recovers from the accident. With much support from the hospital staff and others, he sobers up and begins rebuilding his life.

The police investigate, but he can't remember much from the accident, so the case goes cold. On the advice of his friends, however, he decides to meet with an attorney, and while sitting in the waiting room, he sees Christine walk past. Christine, we discover, is one of the cities most powerful personal injury lawyers. Frank remembers.

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