Minister of Self Defense

  • Action & Adventure
  • Drama

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Created by Yvonna Russell

on 01/07/2014

4+ Star Ratings

The story of the baddest motherfucker in American Civil Rights history, Huey P. Newton cofounder and Minister of Self Defense of The Black Panther Party.

The explosive tale of Huey P. Newton, the co-founder and Minister of Self Defense of The Black Panther Party who with Bobby Seale forms the organization in protest of the police brutality and address to the survival needs of the black community. Huey and Bobby enlist Eldridge Cleaver celebrity writer and activist in the cause. The murder and trial of Officer John Frey catapults Huey into the international conscious and solitary incarceration. The famous civil rights lawyer Charles Garry and his team Fay Sender and Alex Hoffman fight to overturn his conviction. The Party division between Huey and Eldridge after a shootout with Oakland police unsanctioned by Huey in jail splits the loyalties of allies and foes. Despite the break in factions of the organization, the Survival Programs establish breakfast programs, health clinics and a charter school. However The Black Panther Party is no match for COINTELPRO the FBI division objective to destroy the movement. After COINTELPRO engineers the prison murder of George Jackson and murder conviction of Geronimo Pratt, Huey flees to Cuba with the aid of movie producer Bert Schneider after a murder charge for an Oakland prostitute. His great loves singer and first woman chairman of The Party Elaine Brown, secretary turned wife Gwen Fountaine and longtime love Fredrika Slaughter can not save Huey from his demons of alcohol, drug addiction and dealings with the dark side of Oakland’s underworld which escalates over the years with the pressure and paranoia of a legendary leader. Upon his return from Cuba he receives his PHD and adrift from the movement he is murdered by an Oakland gang member. A daring portrait of a complicated activist who led a revolution in a turbulent time in American Civil Rights history.

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  • The Mulford Act
  • First Draft
  • Uploaded 02/25/2014


  • Minister of Self Defense
  • directors_statment
  • Uploaded 09/03/2014


  • Stokley Carmichael
  • Uploaded: 09/26/2014
    • 30 - 35
  • African American Former leader of SNCC, Honorary Prime Minister of The Black Panther Party
  • Charles Garry
  • Uploaded: 09/26/2014
    • 45 - 50
  • White/ Armenian Huey P. Newton’s legal counsel
  • Fay Stender
  • Uploaded: 09/26/2014
    • 35 - 40
  • White George Jackson and Huey P. Newton’s legal counsel
    Charles Garry
  • Bert Schneider
  • Uploaded: 09/26/2014
    • 35 - 40
  • White Huey P. Newton’s friend and film producer of “Easy Rider”
  • Elaine Brown
  • Uploaded: 09/26/2014
    • 25 - 30
  • African American singer, pianist, Huey’s lover and comrade. Later first woman Chairman of Black Panther Party
  • Eldridge Cleaver
  • Uploaded: 09/26/2014
    • 35 - 40
  • African American author of “ Soul on Ice”, reporter at Ramparts magazine, Minister of Information of the Black Panther Party
  • Gwen Fountaine
  • Uploaded: 09/26/2014
    • 25 - 30
  • African American secretary of The Black Panther Party Oakland chapter and Huey P. Newton’s first wife
  • Fredrika Newton
  • Uploaded: 09/26/2014
    • 25 - 30

  • African American Huey P. Newton’s second wife



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