Little Miss Sociopath

  • Comedy
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Created by Miv Evans

on 07/14/2012

4+ Star Ratings

A trapped daughter invites three old people to move into her over-mortgaged home.

CLEMENTINE (31), lives with her parents, works in a local store and is thrilled when her uneventful life is interrupted by a flirtation with ADAM (20), the new boy at the local pharmacy. But it’s a small town and wagging tongues besmirch the notion of her dating a younger man and Clementine is, as always, too afraid to stand up for herself. For a while she dreams of what might have been but then even her dreams are thwarted when her father dies and her overbearing mother, VERA (72), has a stroke, leaving Clementine no option but to give up her job to look after her. But the harder Clementine tries, the more difficult Vera becomes and, as Clementine teeters on the brink of a nervous breakdown, her admirer from the pharmacy steps back into her life.
Adam uses his medical expertise to sedate Vera and the two escape nightly to the next town for entertainment and sex in the back of his van. But these hours of freedom are snatched away when Vera becomes even more of a burden and Clementine is so overwhelmed with pain, the repressed rage that has simmered for so long suddenly explodes. She rants and she raves until she is completely unhinged and, seeing no other way to be free, fatally medicates the mother who has bullied her from the day she was born. Still out of control, Clementine discovers that Vera has cheated her of her inheritance and is so overwhelmed with bitterness that she decides the world should pay for what she’s had to endure. Adam is horrified when he discovers what she’s done, and appalled by her plans for revenge, but he becomes seduced by Clementine’s promises of extreme wealth and the pair turn into the homicidal tyrants they were never meant to be.

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  • Little Miss Sociopath
  • First Draft
  • Uploaded 01/06/2013



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