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Created by Ayoka Chenzira

on 07/17/2013

4+ Star Ratings

Film adaptation based on novel by NY Times Bestselling author, Pearl Cleage

After nearly 2 decades of separation when a lie rips their relationship apart, a women’s rights activist and an acclaimed war correspondent are thrust together again as they unearth a human trafficking ring in Atlanta

A compelling, thought provoking story with original, complex, African American characters taking on one of the most important issues of our day -- human trafficking -- this is rare in American cinema.

Cat Sanderson and Burghardt Johnson individually wanted to save the world. A devout feminist, Cat was determined to help women without a voice find their way. Burghardt wanted to chronicle life firsthand as a war correspondent. Together, they were a powerful force, but young and passionately in love, they were torn apart by a life-changing decision. Burghardt left abruptly to head a news bureau in West Africa. Cat remained in Atlanta, fighting the good fight for disadvantaged women.

Seventeen years later, their daughter Phoebe – a child Burghardt doesn’t even know exists – is determined to find the man whom her mother has adamantly kept shrouded in mystery. All Phoebe has to work with is an elaborate lie spun by Cat’s attempts to keep Burghardt from knowing about their child.

But the truth has a way of making itself known. Through Cat’s consulting business, Babylon Sisters, she meets one of Atlanta’s most prominent businesswomen - the enigmatic Ezola Mandeville, owner of Mandeville Maid Services. At the same time Cat agrees to work with Ezola, Burghardt returns to Atlanta chasing down a human trafficking story.

All roads lead Cat and Burghardt back to each other. Cat finally has to tell Burghardt about their daughter. But first they must find answers to all those missing girls.

Unfamiliar with Pearl Cleage? See the videos on this project page.

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